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Sophiatown Heritage
Inherent in the name Sophiatown Bar Lounge is the spirit of Sophiatown, but where does this name come from? What is the spirit of Sophiatown?

Sophiatown and Black Culture

During the 1940’s and 1950’s Sophiatown became the symbolic centre of black culture in Johannesburg, South Africa focussing on the arts, politics, religion and entertainment. Life in Sophiatown after World War 1 was characterised by a sense of community, dance, music, and beer that was home-brewed.

Sophiatown – Alive Again

Sophiatown now lives again, in more ways than one. During the apartheid era the whole township of Sophiatown was squashed and a new suburb called Triomf established in its place. Today the ANC has changed the suburb back to Sophiatown but the spirit of Sophiatown with its community and culture are still very much alive at Sophiatown Bar Lounge.

Come and experience black, South African culture in the spirit of Sophiatown at Sophiatown Bar Lounge on the corners of Jeppe and Henry Nxumalo streets.