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Di’ Platter


Sof Town Platter
R75.00 (small)
R140.00 (large)

Grilled chicken wings, meatballs, ribs,
sausages, samoosas and wedges
served with a sauces.

i’Seafood Platter (SQ)
R125.00 (small)
R240.00 (large)

Prawns, grilled calamari, fresh fish,
creamy mussels, savoury rice and
lemon butter sauce.

Vegetable platter
R70.00 (small)
R135.00 (large)

Crumbed mushrooms, vegetable
skewers, vegetable spring rolls,
spinach feta quiche, wrap avocado,
lettuce and cream cheese with deep
fried potatoe wedges.